2018 Communication & Education Awards Winners

October 18, 2018

The Communication & Education Awards, formerly the CAM (Communication, Advertising and Marketing) Awards, recognize outstanding public and professional communication and education initiatives within the tissue banking community.

Outstanding Professional Education Award

Program Title

Guide To Medical Examiner and Coroner Cases for the Donation Community

About the Guide

As has been published in medical and scientific literature, the majority of potential donors of both organs and tissues is from medicolegal cases. Although many medical examiners and coroners support donation, too much is at stake when evaluating a medicolegal case. Unfortunately, too often the medical examiner/coroner do not have a positive relationship with the donation community and refuse donation on these cases. To overcome this "disconnect", education and communication are necessary on both sides.

The authors developed a training and guidance document to address these issues, educate the donation community, and improve communications between the two groups. Information and education are powerful; however, if they cannot be communicated, then the knowledge is lost. The authors’ goal is that this document will work to solve many of the aforementioned problems and increase the number of organ and tissue donors that fall under medical examiner/coroner jurisdictions.


  • Kim A. Collins, MD, Sharing Hope South Carolina
  • Jonathan Boyd, CTBS, AATB
  • Louis Jares, CTBS, MTF Biologics
  • Korinna Kellerstrass,CTBS, Lions VisionGift
  • Samantha Wetzler, MD, LifeNet Health
  • Melanie Berry, CTBS, United Tissue Resources
  • Michael Becker, CTBS, United Tissue Resources

Outstanding Public Education Award

Project Title

Leaving a CodeR Legacy

About the Program

BloodCenter of Wisconsin (BCW), Wisconsin Donor Network/ Wisconsin Tissue Bank, is helping diverse communities in Milwaukee become active advocates of donation and transplantation with its newly-launched program, CodeR (Churches for Organ Donation Education and Registration). Wisconsin is a very generous state in support of organ and tissue donation with only 5 of 72 counties falling below the fifty percent mark of residents registered as donors. Milwaukee County, however, has struggled over the past several years with only 44.5 percent of its drivers and ID holders identified as registered donors. With only a quarter percent (respectively) of the city's African Americans and Hispanics as registered donors, both communities present a major opportunity to increase the overall registration rate. CodeR was designed to elevate a casual conversation about donation in Milwaukee’s African American and Hispanic communities by serving as a formal way to track the quantity and type of tissue information that was infused into the community.


  • Tonnie Boston, BloodCenter of Wisconsin/Wisconsin Tissue Bank
  • Gretchen Budde, CTBS, BloodCenter of Wisconsin/Wisconsin Tissue Bank

Groundbreaker Award

Project Title

Bridge2Life App

About the App

Americans register as a donor while obtaining a driver's license or ID. In today's environment of Uber, Lyft and urban living, we see fewer 16-19 year olds obtaining a license. Using grant funding, Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates & Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks' Trust For Life met the challenge to educate this important demographic and offer them the option of registering and learning about organ donation in a different way. Using what is known about this audience, a "paperless binder" cell phone app was developed for quick facts and registry options. The app was utilized by implementing it in Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates & Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks' Trust For Life annual High School Challenge.


  • Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates & Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks' Trust For Life

Guest Judges

  • Jennifer Cramer, Speechwriter, Disney Parks & Resorts
  • Jessica Koth, Public Relations Manger, National Funeral Directors Association
  • Mame Kwayie, Public Relations Manager, American Academy of Periodontology
  • Yewande A. Oladeinde, Social Science Research Analyst, Center for Medicare Services
  • Eric  Porterfield, Communications Manager, Social Good — Facebook
  • Jerry Wohletz, Executive Communications Manager, American Dental Association