AATB Addresses Recent Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Segment

December 7, 2023

We are aware of the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver segment that aired over the weekend, discussing organ and whole-body donation. While we appreciate the segment's recognition of the significance of whole-body and research donors, we want to underscore the critical role ethical and legal body donations play in offering immediate and enduring educational opportunities for medical professionals, contributing to advancements in patient care and life-saving practices.

In contrast to the non-transplant anatomical donation organizations (NADOs) discussed on the show, AATB accredited organizations, such as those listed on the AATB website, adhere to strict guidelines. They obtain informed consent or authorization for the donations from donors or their legally authorized loved ones. These organizations enforce stringent requirements on who may receive the donations and how they may be used, ensuring alignment with approved purposes meeting scientific and educational merit standards. Each whole-body donation holds the potential to impact countless lives through advancements in surgical technology and the education and training of current and future medical professionals.

Our intention is for individuals to maintain confidence in their decisions to donate to science through reputable organizations, which are dedicated to treating these invaluable gifts with the dignity and care they deserve, directing them toward worthy causes for the benefit of humanity. Prospective donors, researchers, and educators seeking these precious gifts are strongly advised to thoroughly examine the reputation and transparency of the donation organization, as this precautionary measure is essential to prevent involvement in unlawful or unethical practices.