AATB Recovery-Only Accreditation Update

March 2, 2021

At the 2019 AATB Annual meeting in Toronto, AATB began working with a group of representatives from both recovery only and processing establishments to develop a revised approach to conducting inspections of establishments that perform the singular activity of recovering donated tissue. The goal of this collaboration was to identify 14th Edition Standards that would apply to establishments that recover deceased and/or living donor tissue while excluding Standards relevant to additional activities such as processing.

Based on the workgroup analysis, the accreditation team developed an evaluation tool for AATB contract inspectors to use in the field to perform a recovery-only accreditation assessment. AATB is looking for additional member and nonmember establishments willing to help validate this new assessment tool within the next 12 weeks. If interested, please contact the AATB Accreditation Department at accreditation@aatb.org