AATB statement for the record to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee

February 29, 2024

This testimony addresses critical legislative proposals to support patients with rare diseases, including H.R. 6705, the Effective Screening and Testing for Tuberculosis Act, and H.R. 7188, the Shandra Eisenga Human Cell and Tissue Product Safety Act.

In the testimony, AATB highlights the importance of prioritizing donor screening over donor testing for tuberculosis to ensure the safety of human cell and tissue transplants. The limitations and challenges of current testing methodologies and the need for enhanced screening processes are also mentioned.

For a detailed overview of AATB’s testimony and recommendations, please read the complete statement on our Government Advocacy Correspondence page

AATB commends the Committee for addressing these crucial issues and remains committed to advocating for the highest patient safety standards in tissue transplantation.