AATB's Comprehensive Review on Mycobacterium tuberculosis Donor Screening Published in Transplant Infectious Disease

June 10, 2024

AATB is pleased to announce the publication of a pivotal new article titled "The American Association of Tissue Banks Tissue Donor Screening for Mycobacterium tuberculosis—Recommended Criteria and Literature Review" in the journal Transplant Infectious Disease.

Authored by Melissa A. Greenwald, Noelle Edwards, D. Ted Eastlund, Inga Gurevich, Andrea Pervine-Zaman Ho, Ghada Khalife, Janet Lin-Torre, Hannis W. Thompson, Ross M. Wilkins, and Sally F. Alrabaa, this comprehensive review addresses crucial donor screening criteria developed to mitigate the risk of tuberculosis transmission through tissue allografts.

This article is the result of an extensive literature review and professional opinion aimed at creating evidence-based exclusionary criteria. These criteria consider both exposure and reactivation risk factors, such as geographic and socioeconomic background, medical history, and immunosuppressive treatments, to enhance the safety of tissue transplantation.

We are proud to share that AATB has partnered with Wiley to make this important publication freely accessible to all. 

To read the full article, please visit this link.