BCA 2023 Supply Chain Conference

April 3, 2023

Supply chain and other interested individuals from AATB accredited establishments are invited to attend this year's complimentary BCA 2023 Supply Chain Conference on June 20 at The Ballantyne Hotel in Charlotte, NC, with an opening reception on June 19.

Please register using the link and credentials to the BCA Dashboard below. Once in the Dashboard, click on "Meeting Registration," then on "Supply Chain Conference – AATB Members," and complete all fields. Registration is limited to one individual from each AATB member establishment.

BCA Dashboard Link and Credentials:
BCA Supply Chain Conference Registration
Username: aatb
Password: AATB2023bca

In 2022, AATB formed a strategic partnership with Blood Centers of America (BCA), providing value to its accredited institutional and affiliate members via aggregated purchasing power and critical supply management services.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Whit Harvey, Director of Supply Chain Contracting at Blood Centers of America.