Congratulations to the Newly Elected  AATB Board of Governors Officers and At-Large Members

July 17, 2023

AATB is pleased to announce the incoming 2023-2025 Officers and At-Large members of the Board of Governors. The term for the incoming 2023-2025 Board of Governors Officers and At-Large Members will begin at the conclusion of the AATB Annual Business Meeting, Tuesday, September 19, 2023.


2023-2025 Officers-Elect
Jeff Cox, Chairperson
United Tissue Resources

Ronda Horstman, Immediate Past Chairperson
Community Tissue Services
George Herrera, Chairperson-Elect
MTF Biologics
Alyssa Harrison, Secretary-Treasurer
Lifeshare Tissue Services, Inc.

2023-2025 At-Large Governors
Mark DeFilippis
New England Donor Services, Inc.

Melissa O'Connor
StimLabs, LLC

2023-2025 Tissue Policy Group Representative
Doug Wilson
LifeNet Health

Returning 2022-2024 Council Chairs
Catherine Hankins, Co-Chair, Accredited Tissue Banks Council
LifeCenter Northwest

Dan Lunn, Co-Chair, Accredited Tissue Banks Council
Nevada Donor Network, Inc.

Kimberly Monroe, Chair, Donor Family Services Council
South Texas Blood and Tissue

Bill Cassarly, Chair, Living Donor Council
Regenerative Biologics, Inc.

James Bardsley, Chair, Non-Transplant Anatomical Donation (NADO) Council
Anatomy Gifts Registry

Hannis Thompson, MD, Chair, Physicians Council

Sarah Lopez, Chair, Processing and Distribution Council
United Tissue Resources

Jennifer Drago, Chair, Quality Council
Advanced Quality Resources

Louis Jares, Chair, Recovery and Donor Eligibility Council
MTF Biologics