Don't Miss Carefully Curated DE&I, Regulatory, and STAC Educational Sessions

August 29, 2022

The 2022 AATB Annual Meeting brings numerous compelling educational tracks. Outside of council-generated content, the carefully curated tracks below will bring maximum value to your organization. Follow one track for an in-depth view of a specific subject area or choose sessions from a variety of tracks.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
DE&I is a critical component for our member organizations. AATB is proud to partner with our members and other organizations committed to bringing attention to this important work by presenting three DE&I-focused sessions at this year’s Annual Meeting. These sessions will leverage the Empowering Connections of our AATB community and advance our efforts to support member organizations on their unique DE&I journeys.

This track features:

  • Supporting Communities in the Aftermath of Violence*
  • DE&I @ Work*
  • Looking Through the Lens of DE&I: Lessons Learned, Practices Changed, and Challenges for Tomorrow*

The regulatory track for AATB’s 2022 Annual Meeting will include speakers from CDC and FDA. Information will be presented by CDC related to the Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmission via human tissue transplant. The FDA representatives from ORA OBPO will provide an overview of inspections, how to be prepared for them and communicate with FDA post-inspection. CBER OTAT will discuss options for obtaining input from FDA, the end of the enforcement policy, compliance actions, CBER’s reorganization, activity metrics, processes surrounding submissions to the Tissue Reference Group, and data regarding HCT/P adverse reaction reports. This year’s regulatory track is sure to contain invaluable information from CDC and FDA, which directly affects all aspects of the human tissue industry.

This track features:

  • Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Transmission via Human Tissue Transplant* 
  • FDA/CBER Update* 
  • What to Expect When You Are Being Inspected – Overview and Inspection Readiness by FDA’s Office of Regulatory Affairs*

Scientific and Technical Affairs Committee (STAC)
This year’s STAC education sessions were created as part of the committee’s initiative to increase scientific content and access to the AATB membership. Please attend if you are specifically interested in the topics or are wanting to get some exposure to the scientific and technical side of tissue banking. The topics for the three dedicated sessions will include a summary of STAC/AATB-funded studies (including two related to COVID-19), a session dedicated to relevant technical validations and executions, and lastly a presentation by this year’s winners and selected highlighted abstracts.

This track features:

  • Abstract Presentations*
  • STAC Studies: COVID-19 and Warm Ischemic Time*
  • Execution of Technical Validations*


*Session titles as of 8/29/22


The 2022 AATB Annual Meeting offers unparalleled opportunities for networkinglearning, and fun - a true investment in yourself, your career, and your company.

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