Get the Most Out of Your First AATB Annual Meeting

July 29, 2022

A Special Opportunity for First-Time Attendees
The 2022 AATB Annual Meeting offers unparalleled networking, learning, and fun – an unrivaled career-building opportunity for industry newcomers and first-time attendees.

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September 20

First Time Attendee Welcome – Breakfast included!

If this is your first time attending the AATB Annual Meeting, you don't want to miss this fun and engaging opening conference event!

The First Time Attendee Welcome is just for conference newcomers. Meet the AATB Membership Committee Co-Chairs and members, select AATB staff, and other first-time attendees. We will spend the hour: 

  • getting to know one another, 
  • discussing how to get the most out of your first AATB Annual Meeting, 
  • and answering questions specific to the conference and AATB membership.

If you plan to attend, bring a large stack of business cards if you have them. You will need them for the icebreaker! There is no better feeling than leaving equipped to make the most of your first conference experience. 
This is a must-attend event for all first time attendees - we'll see you there! 

First-time in-person member and non-member attendees will receive a 40% discount!*

*Reach out to today for the registration code.

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The 2022 AATB Annual Meeting offers unparalleled opportunities for networkinglearning, and fun - a true investment in yourself, your career, and your company.

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