Living Donor Council Renamed to Birth Tissue Council

July 8, 2024

We are pleased to announce that the Living Donor Council has been officially renamed the Birth Tissue Council. This change was initiated to better serve the members of the council and reflect the evolving focus of our community.

Prior to making this change, a survey was sent to all Living Donor Council members to gather their input. The survey results indicated strong support for the name change, with members expressing that the new name would more accurately represent their interests and activities.

The proposed change was voted on and approved at the July 24 Board of Governors (BOG) meeting. In accordance with Section 4.02 of the AATB Bylaws, the Board of Governors, by majority vote, may establish or terminate a Council, combine two or more Councils, or alter the composition or focus of a Council.

We are confident that this change will enhance our ability to support and advocate for our members and the broader tissue banking community.

We encourage all AATB individual members who have not yet joined a council to explore the diverse council opportunities available within AATB. Council participation is complimentary with your individual membership, offering a valuable chance to expand your network and potentially advance your career.