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About the Exam

In order to become designated as a Certified Tissue Bank Specialist (CTBS), individuals must receive a passing score on the AATB Certified Tissue Bank Specialist Examination.

The CTBS Exam is developed by AATB Committee and Council members who submit questions to the Certification Committee, formerly the American Board of Tissue Banking Committee (ABTB). The Certification Committee reviews submitted questions and, if they meet all criteria including FDA regulations and appropriate AATB Standards for Tissue Banking and references, they can be added to the exam question database. The AATB Certified Tissue Bank Specialist Examination is intended to assess the comprehensive knowledge, understanding, and application of the AATB Standards for Tissue Banking, relevant regulations, and best practices associated with tissue banking.The exam is comprised of 130 multiple choice questions related to Quality Assurance (20%), Distribution (10%), Donor Screening & Testing (25%), Processing (25%) and Recovery (25%). The exam does not include questions related to birth tissue, reproductive tissue or the NADO standards.

The exam is not limited to memorization of facts alone; rather, it is meant to assess the ability of the candidate to apply the subject material and concepts.

Examinees have the benefit of scheduling their test time over a one week period at the location of their choosing, and organizations will not need to register their site as an alternate testing location.​ Find your nearest testing center.


AATB Member Price Non-Member Price
$675 $975


Recommended Experience and (or) Educational Background

Baccalaureate Degree and 6 months of experience (or) 12 months of experience in one or more of the following tissue banking related fields: assessing donor eligibility; tissue recovery; tissue establishment management/ leadership, tissue processing, storage or distribution; quality assurance, educator/trainer end user, (i.e. orthopedist or dental surgeon) supplier or manufacturer for tissue establishments or supporting role.

All prospective candidates for examination must submit a signed code of conduct.

Diversified tissue banking experience and participation in the AATB CTBS Exam Prep Course are highly recommended.


Grading will be instantaneous, providing examinees with not only their outcome, but also with their printed certificate. ​

2018 Exam Stats

For statistics about the 2018 CTBS Exam, please refer to the "Certified Tissue Bank Specialist Program" section of the 2018 Year in Review.