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About CTBS

CTBS is an individual designation which is attained by passing the CTBS Examination. This designation signifies that the certified individual has successfully demonstrated an understanding of the basic principles and concepts of tissue banking, and the AATB Standards for Tissue Banking.
CTBS is the only professional designation available specifically for the tissue banking community. Therefore, it encompasses all levels of tissue banking professionals, from those new to tissue banking, all the way through to medical directors and executives.
The CTBS Exam is developed by the AATB Certification Committee and assesses the comprehensive knowledge, understanding, and application of the AATB Standards for Tissue Banking, relevant regulations, and best practices associated with tissue banking. The exam is comprised of 120 multiple-choice questions related to quality assurance, distribution, donor screening and testing, processing, and recovery. It focuses on all tissue for transplant, including musculoskeletal, cardiac, vascular, skin/dermis, and birth tissue.  
Diversified tissue banking experience and participation in the AATB CTBS Exam Prep Course are highly recommended.


Exam Dates

Spring Exam Period: April 5-16, 2021
Fall Exam Period: October 4-10, 2021



Member Rate: $675
Non-Member Rate: $975


Recommended Experience and/or Educational Background

Baccalaureate Degree and six months of experience or 12 months of experience in one or more of the following tissue banking related fields: assessing donor eligibility; tissue recovery; tissue establishment management/ leadership; tissue processing; storage or distribution; quality assurance; educator/trainer; end-user (surgeon); supplier or manufacturer for tissue establishments; or supporting role.