Nominations by Petition for AATB Board of Governors

April 18, 2023

AATB is seeking nominations for the AATB Board of Governors in the following leadership positions: Chairperson-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and At-Large Governors (2). The term length is two years and begins at the conclusion of the Annual Business Meeting, which will be held during the AATB Annual Meeting, September 17-20 in National Harbor, MD.  
You have until May 1, 2023, to either self-nominate or nominate an AATB individual member in good standing to run for one or more of the following leadership positions. If you plan to submit a nomination, please carefully read the instructions below. 
All AATB individual members listed below were first nominated by the Nominating and Awards Committee and then agreed to run for the associated position.


Mark Martin, Community Tissue Services

Dean Elliott, AlloSource
Alyssa Harrison, LifeShare of Oklahoma
Dan Lunn, Nevada Donor Network, Inc.

At-Large Governors
Chris Agle, Legacy Donor Services Foundation
Lennox Archibald, LifeNet Health
Robin Bozarth, Medical Education and Research Institute (MERI)
Mark DeFilippis, New England Donor Services, Inc.
Melissa O'Connor, StimLabs, LLC
Kelly Scott, DCI Donor Services Tissue Bank

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All nominations must be received by Monday, May 1. The election will open on Thursday, June 1, at 11:00 AM, EDT, and will remain open for thirty days, closing on Saturday, July 1, at 11:59 PM, EDT. All Individual Members of the Association in good standing are eligible to be elected to the AATB Board of Governors and to nominate other eligible members.

Nominations: If you wish to nominate yourself or another member as a candidate for election, please send a nominating petition, using the form available HERE, signed by at least ten (10) AATB members in good standing, to AATB. A signature may be denoted in writing or by use of an electronic signature. The nominating petition and all ten signatures must be submitted to AATB together as a package. Names of nominees submitted by petition (that comply with Article VIII of AATB Bylaws) will be added to the names submitted by the Nominating and Awards Committee for the upcoming election. 

The petition must include a written statement by the nominee stating that the nominee is willing to serve if elected, a brief summary of the nominee's interests and background that relate to the Association, and other relevant background information that the nominee may wish to include.

Nominations must be received no later than May 1, 2023.

Petitions may be submitted by email to:

Petitions may be submitted in person or by US mail, courier, or next-day delivery to: 
American Association of Tissue Banks
8200 Greensboro Drive, Suite 404
McLean, VA 22102

For questions related to the nomination process, please email, or call the AATB office at 703.229.1020.