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AATB'S Commitment to Community

Community collaboration is one of AATB's core values. AATB’s involvement in the tissue banking community stems as far back as our founding in 1976, and our commitment to this community continues today. By supporting tissue banking professionals, AATB fosters an environment which allows for both professional and scientific collaboration.

Our community not only involves our members and other tissue banking professionals, but also those who have been touched by tissue donation and transplantation, whether directly or indirectly. To ensure those voices are heard, AATB continues to allow those touched by tissue donation to share their stories through our Speaker’s Bureau to educate and advocate about the importance of the life-saving and life-enhancing power of donation.

Learn more about AATB's accredited banks' impact on their communities.

Latest Announcement

Reports of criminal and ethical breaches by non-AATB accredited NADOs reinforce the inherent value of AATB Standards and accreditation. Adhering to these codes of conduct not only demonstrates a commitment to safety and quality, but also shows a deep respect for donors and donor families that all organizations recovering and providing gifts of human tissue should strive for. The donation of tissues after death is a truly extraordinary gift deserving of the highest respect, gratitude, and care.

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Letter from the CEO

Dear AATB Members,

I hope that everyone entered the new year feeling happy, healthy, and refreshed. Here at the AATB home office, the holiday season already seems so far behind us as we busily work on a host of new projects. I would encourage you to first reflect back on the past year of work in our recently released 2018 Year in Review, and then get excited for all of the new projects to come in 2019.

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“I feel like I have a lot to give to society now that I have what I call my second life. I go to churches, mosques, and other places, and I talk about how important donation is.”

-Iman Zaman, burn survivor

“Having his tissue in my knee is a constant reminder that he is with me.”

-Caitlyn Persinger, tissue recipient

Tissue Donation Quick Fact

Approximately 1.75 million tissue transplants are performed annually.