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AATB'S Commitment to Community

Community collaboration is one of AATB's core values. AATB’s involvement in the tissue banking community stems as far back as our founding in 1976, and our commitment to this community continues today. By supporting tissue banking professionals, AATB fosters an environment which allows for both professional and scientific collaboration.

Our community not only involves our members and other tissue banking professionals, but also those who have been touched by tissue donation and transplantation, whether directly or indirectly. To ensure those voices are heard, AATB continues to allow those touched by tissue donation to share their stories through our Speaker’s Bureau to educate and advocate about the importance of the life-saving and life-enhancing power of donation.

Learn more about AATB's accredited banks' impact on their communities.

Latest Announcement

We are pleased to announce that ECL2 and the American Association of Tissue Banks have entered an agreement to use the quality management system software Q-Pulse to augment the associations' ability to provide document control and quality systems management services to their accredited tissue establishments and members.

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Letter from the Board of Governors Executive Committee

As most of you have heard by now, Frank Wilton resigned his position as our President and CEO. We thank Frank for his contributions and service to AATB and wish him well in his future endeavors.This transition provides us an opportunity to clarify our priorities and deeply discuss our strategic and tactical plans for the remainder of this year as well as 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year horizons.

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“I feel like I have a lot to give to society now that I have what I call my second life. I go to churches, mosques, and other places, and I talk about how important donation is.”

-Iman Zaman, burn survivor

“Having his tissue in my knee is a constant reminder that he is with me.”

-Caitlyn Persinger, tissue recipient

Tissue Donation Quick Fact

Approximately 1.75 million tissue transplants are performed annually.