Tissue Recipient & Donor Stories

John, Cartilage and Tendon Recipient

John's Story

Cartilage and Tendon Recipient


Scott's Story

Tissue Donor

Thanks to a donor’s gift of tissue, Jessica has had feeling restored in her chest.

Jessica's Story

Nerve Graft Recipient

Lillian received a conduit made from a donor heart valve.

Lillian's Story

Heart Valve Recipient

Tanasia is a heart valve recipient from Texas.

Tanasia's Story

Heart Valve Recipient

Denver's doctor recommended using donated tissue to repair her ACL.

Denver's Story

ACL Recipient

After suffering from third-degree burns, Iman recovered thanks to skin grafts from tissue donation.

Imran's Story

Skin Graft Recipient

David’s surgeon removed a painful neuroma and repaired the resulting nerve gap using donated nerve allografts.

David's Story

Nerve Graft Recipient

The donated tissue ultimately allowed Madie’s lingual nerve to regenerate, restoring sensation to her tongue.

Madie's Story

Nerve Graft Recipient

Chris continues to live on in the 64 recipients he helped through tissue donation.

The Persinger Family's Story

Tissue Donor & Recipient

Whether you're a donor family member, recipient, or have a connection to donation in any capacity, your story is invaluable.